Things to Come

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what the next few months, and years, hold in store for me.  Things that are certain as of right now: I will be going to North Carolina next week to visit my friends Andrew and Kevin.  I will be going to Katie and Joe’s wedding on June 30th.  I will be going to basic training on October 28th.  Everything after that is up in the air.  Ideally, I’ll survive Basic Training and go on to my A School in Monterey, but who knows, my mother didn’t survive basic, from what I remember her telling me – she had shin splints so bad both of her legs suffered stress fractures.  To me, that was God’s way of telling her he had other plans for her.  What are his plans for me?

What I want to happen in the next 9 months: Sell my little blue car.  Go river rafting a bit this summer.  Survive basic training, go on to A school without a hitch. Successfully move my motorcycle and a few of my things to Monterey.  Buy a new car.  

Those are my main plans, other than the plans that are definitely set in stone.

Something else I would like to do is host a going away party for myself in September-ish.  Then, I could collect addresses for people that want to write to me while in Basic.  I hear that is the only communication with the outside world for the ten weeks I’m in there, so I’m hoping to get a lot of people to write to and write back!

Here’s to future plans and doing everything to see them through!


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