Preparing for #portlandtoraleigh

Yes, I just hashtagged the title of my video. It’s a thing my friends in Raleigh do to remind us back on the West Coast that they’ve made a huge journey, and it’s an easy way to click into their new world. Well, here is my journey… at least the planning stages of it. I created this video yesterday and spent at least 4 hours doing more planning today – between completing two homework assignments and watching my four-year-old niece! I have sent couchsurfing requests out for four of the stops I’m planning on making in the Midwest… Does Montana count as Midwest?? Okay, maybe West and Midwest.

I have also added two more stops to the whole trip, one in Minneapolis and the other in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’m getting more and more excited to see where this journey will take me!

I also created a crowdsourcing site to help fund my trip, as I realize I don’t have quite the amount of funds I’ll need to see this thing all the way through. Courage is having the guts to see something through, no matter how much you think you’ll fail! And I have Courage. The link for the crowd sourcing page is:

Thanks in advance for your support, no matter what it is. Even checking on my blog is amazing to me šŸ™‚


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