Road Trip Adventures, Day One

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  This is the day I begin the road trip of my life time.  Starting in Beaverton, Oregon, I will make my way up to a tiny Washington town called Warden, about 45 minutes south of Moses Lake.  There is nothing special in this little farming community, except for my dad.  My dad lives here and, until recently, was teaching special education at a local grade school.  I will travel about 280 miles for over 4.5 hours, if I don’t stop.  When riding a motorcycle you always have to stop.  My gas tank only holds enough fuel to get me 160 miles on the best gas mileage.  Considering I will have gear and more weight than usual, fuel will probably only last for 130 miles or so.  Good thing I’ll have a spare gallon of gas with me in case I get stranded.

One thing I am worried about today is how sore I am from Saturday’s rafting adventure.  My butt still aches from sitting on the side, much like after riding a horse bareback or getting back onto a bicycle after a few weeks of not riding.  Nothing too big, but tender, nonetheless. 

Flipping off the raft on the Deschutes River near Maupin, Oregon. August 9, 2013.

The weather today is good.  Overcast and humid, but not hot or rainy.  It should be an excellent day for a first ride.

On another note, I should be in Montana tomorrow.  Last night at a block party hosted by one of my lacrosse teammates Shanna, one of her friends said he’d be in Missoula at the same time as me.  He also said he’s got the hookup on some concert passes for a Rebelution and Matisyahu concert on the 13th.  I may end up staying in Missoula for another night just to do that.  We’ll see how my host feels about letting me stay another night.  I’ve seen Rebelution before and they’re really great to listen to, and I love listening to Matisyahu when it comes on my Pandora. 

I have many things to look forward to!  For now, the road is calling.




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