Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Tuesday was a day full of potential but with no set plans.  Grandpa and I knew we wanted to take some of his guns out and shoot them, but other than that, everything was in the wind, so we made the most of it.

Once again, I woke up to a gourmet breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, eggs, toast and orange juice.  Tomorrow grandpa says he’ll make me blueberry pancakes and bacon… I need to go on road trips more often if I want to be treated like a princess constantly!

After breakfast I wrote all of my postcards, addressed them, and stamped them.  Then we talked about the government throwing their big temper tantrum and solving nothing yet making it worse for us all, then we decided to get busy for the day.  We went to the garage and made a few more bullet necklaces, some of my friends and family had expressed an interest in getting one, so we made a few in only twenty minutes or so.  The part that took the longest was me writing personal notes in each and rolling it up before putting the lead projectile on the end, other than that, they were very easy.

Before long, we headed into town to send off my cards and a card grandpa was sending as well.  We ran into a local USFS gal who was just tying up loose ends at the post office before going home from work indefinitely thanks to the shut down.


My last batch of postcards. I wanted to try to get everyone, so there are a ton!


The bracelet I got at the trading post on Monday. Decided to add a picture.

Once finished at the post office, I suggested going to a used book store we passed.  Turns out it was just an extension of the local library and books weren’t priced, they were just whatever price we decided to donate.  I picked up four small books and we paid $5.  One is very short on how to best enjoy life, I’ll post a blog about it in a few days.  Another is on left-handed people of history.  And I can’t think of what the other two books were right now.  After the library we swung by grandpa’s girlfriend, Sandy’s house.  It is a beautiful house that doesn’t look old on the outside, but the inside has the characteristics of an old house, though it doesn’t seem old or worn out.  I think my favorite part of the whole place were the wooden beams in the living room and upstairs.  She has a huge kitchen with amazing appliances, too, but the beams and wooden accents gave it a rustic feeling.


Hops on Sandy’s porch overlooking the small town of Idaho City. I’ve never thought of them being ornamental before!

My favorite room in general was more like a landing once you reached the top of the stairs.  Sandy owns an antique shop in town and likely came across most of her pieces for this space at her shop.  The space is Coca-Cola-themed and has everything from cups, to a phone, to lamps, and even a table and chairs with the Coca-Cola logo on them.  Some things were as new at 2007 as far as I could tell, and other seemed to be from the early 1900’s.  It was awesome to see all that memorabilia in there; I kept thinking how the guys from the American Pickers TV show would love this place.


Sandy’s Coca-Cola room.

By the time we were done in town, the little bit of sprinkling rain from the morning had ceased and we were ready to go back to Grandpa’s house to get out the guns for some shooting practice.

We packed several handguns, ample ammunition, and the muzzle-loader for grandpa to practice with.

We drove about three miles out of town to shoot in a wooded area commonly used for such a purpose.


The ammunition for the many handguns we brought along.


Sandy’s beautiful Bursa. I really liked this little lady, and she is classy looking, too.

We made sure to use up all of the ammunition we brought, sparing no gun from use.  While my grandpa was getting some stuff together for a couple of the guns, I wandered off with our mostly empty bucket for spent shells.  I found a few that were left by other shooters and we collected the shells from the rounds we were using – this way grandpa could use them again for other rounds later.  While I was wandering, a creepy fat spider quickly crawling along the dirt caught my eye.  It took me a couple seconds to realize that it wasn’t a spider at all, but a teeny tiny toad.  I saw frogs this small in North Carolina, but they were all tree frogs.  This little bumpy dude seemed way too small for a toad, but he was cute anyway.  This entire time, I had the earmuffs on that hunters and shooters use to amplify sound, but loud noises are immediately cancelled out to protect the ear buds.  With these ear muffs on, I could hear the tiny toad croaking.  Every once in a while, he got irritated with me, stiffened up, croaked, and rolled over.  It was hilarious.  I think he was just camera shy.


Tiny toad!!


Glock 9mm, one of my favorites.


Glock .45, my other favorite.


Grandpa in his NRA shirt that says “Group Therapy” on the back. Notice the empty shell flying next to his right shoulder. Yep, I’m an artistic photographer.







Small single-action .22

Apparently, I'm a pretty good shot.  I can't wait until I learn more in the Army and get even better.

Apparently, I’m a pretty good shot. I can’t wait until I learn more in the Army and get even better.

Armed and dangerous.

Armed and dangerous. I love the sound-enhancing ear muffs that cancel out all noise when a shot is fired.

After all the shooting practice and short lessons and facts my grandpa told me throughout the day, I know where I will be heading, should there ever be a zombie apocalypse. OR should the government remain in a stagnant state and I need to flee to a remote area of the country.  I’ll have access to all the ammunition and weapons needed, that’s for sure!

And this is how I'll mow down hoards of zombies one day.

And this is how I’ll mow down hoards of zombies one day.

Now, it’s time for me to head home.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to have such a great adventure on my motorcycle again, but I’m very glad I took the opportunity.  I know that many little things in my life have been changed and a few big things as well.

Also, I wanted you dedicated readers out there to know a quick funny story.  I’ll tell it short and simple like I told my mom because I was stunned by it.  Remember the amazing bartender, Andy, from Washington, D.C.?  Well, I had looked for him on Facebook without success, I figured he opted not to have one after getting back from being in Cameroon for over two years.  I was wrong, I just had his last name wrong, thankfully and he found me a couple of days ago.  Facebook is cool in that it tells you who your common friends are, I’ve made a few awesome friend connection discoveries this way before, and Andy was no different; we have one friend in common, Breanna Johnson.  Bre was one of my two little sisters in Chi Omega at Oregon State and I’ve kept in touch with her on and off since – she is a traveler at heart, much like me.  Randomly enough, Andy and Bre are cousins, though they haven’t seen each other in a very long time since his part of the family relocated to the east coast before he was a teenage, but he makes it out west occasionally.  Last week was one of those times.  Unfortunately their grandfather passed away and he flew out to Oregon for the funeral and got reacquainted with Bre there.  Small world? I think so.  Bre and I are having coffee on Friday to catch up, I can’t wait.  

It’s amazing how everything happens for a reason, though we often don’t know why until those reasons come to pass.  I am very thankful for all of the great moments of serendipity on this grand adventure.



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