In the Army now.

As many of you know, I officially began my active duty service with the United States Army yesterday and am heading off to Basic Combat Training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina today. I think I slept for nearly three full hours last night but my racing mind has kept me awake since 1:30 this morning. Today, I lead a group of five soldiers, three privates and one other specialist, through the travel process at PDX, a layover in Texas, and arrival in Columbia, SC. The first flight takes off at 0730 and we should be arriving on the east coast around 1730. Military time…. Yaaaay.
Today I am nervous. My mind races with curiosities of how many douchey privates will be in my platoon and how many drill sergeant I’ll be able to squeak by.
I’m eager to begin my new career and really just do my absolute best, but I’m most eager to receive my uniform. I know I will earn it and wear it proudly and I’m excited for all my friends and family to see it one day, too.
Please keep me in your prayers the next couple of months and look for my address to be posted on Facebook by my mom. Letters will be a very welcome change from the daily routine of training.
Thinking of all my loved ones,

SPC Wendt


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