Finding My Own Courage

These days I’ve had to rely on courage to last me through my difficult times. I have so many things I want to vent about to the people I love, but would rather avoid burdening them as much as possible. 2013 has been a heck of a year so far with more downs than ups, but I feel like I’m constantly living in a waking dream. My dream is so vivid and palpable, but the amount of junk coming at me just can’t be reality. Yet it is. It has been a hard reality finding out I will be losing a couple people closest to me, watching one strive for courage but break down in fear and uncertainty while another is thriving, excited to push on to new adventures. My car has been hassling me, causing unwanted stress but also hopes to achieve my goal of getting a new car this year. And my ever-wearing job at AIU came to a disappointing end when the company decided to close the site and pay present employees off with severance packages. I can’t complain much there, it wasn’t a promising position, but I did leave with many good friends and benefits to compensate me.

The best thing that has happened to me this year was buying my LLC for Canine Oddity and officially starting my own business. This month is looking up already as I have just started a new position at a local engineering firm and am paid to travel around the Northwest for business.

I am greatly looking forward to the continuing challenges to come, and am excited for new opportunities and personal growth that the rest of this year will bring to me – good or bad.

Here’s to courage and having the strength to push through even the most ominous of waking dreams.



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